Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology offers the ability to have a pool of well-maintained, secure, easily accessible and on-demand resources available, such as servers, data storage and application solutions.

The advantage of being able to access information from anywhere and at any time is essential for companies with a minimum of management and flexibility.

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Data & Analytics

Data analysis allows us to identify the flow of information of the company, existing information, trends, data mining, intelligent use of data and draw conclusions that help companies to have a better vision to make strategic decisions and increase their turnover.

Implementing it within the business model means that companies can reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways to use, target and exploit a huge amount of information.

Design and implementation of storage systems

One of the critical phases is the design of the solution. In the deployment of storage solutions, in order to know the best practices, the application environment must be clear and aligned with the customer’s business objectives.

We’ve implemented complex agency solutions that handle millions of users and hundreds of services, applying best practices.

DRP design and implementation for mission-critical environments

The Disaster Recovery Plan is an environment in which organizations prepare themselves against possible disasters of various kinds that may damage their technological infrastructure, loss of data and possible risk of business collapse.

In addition, it aims to provide business continuity and not to lose productive operation or services in the event of an incident at the main site.

In conclusion, a DRP is the business strategy and actions to restore IT services at a Remote Site in the event of any eventuality at the Primary Site in a very short time and without loss of information.

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