Design and migration services

The challenges of a migration comprise its proper design, awareness of its purpose, knowledge of the different tools available to move data without errors, and minimizing the risk of resource loss.

Frequently, migrations take place during technology upgrades, a change of manufacturer, environment or data center.

We have deep knowledge of the tools that are used to manage data, OS, applications and storage, which allows us to understand, design and successfully execute migration projects.

Technology renewal

Proper and successful performance is the key to achieve the highest cost-solution benefits, which will allow the saving of financial resources and productive time.

We have successfully implemented technological renovation projects in many clients across the industry, making us the best option.

Implementation of performance solutions

Mainframe and storage environment performance are vitally important to the health of the enterprise business.

The right deployment of the environment, the timely evaluation and diagnosis of problems and the proper management of multiple components, represent huge savings for financial, human and time aspects.

Ultranova has been characterized by our quick diagnosis and attention towards performance, allowing the continuity of business solutions.

Specialized advisory

Ultranova offers a specialized consulting service to thoroughly evaluate your current production environment and infrastructure performance.

With this information we’ll provide suggestions for critical improvements and future enhancements, with the expectation that there’ll be an increase in the service levels of your business.

Our consulting services include:

  • Identifying the main problem that’s impacting the operation of the productive environment.
  • Identifying possible security breaches that can directly affect the business.
  • Aligning the IT structure according to the service levels to be provided.
  • Recommending a strategy for continuous improvement in the short and medium term.
  • Preparing your business for future changes in the IT infrastructure.

Tuning and problem solving

Mainframe operating systems offer unique security, availability and processing capabilities; however, troubleshooting, diagnosing and problem solving are necessary not only for the productivity and operation of the environment, but also for business continuity.

We offer tuning services for Mainframe and distributed operating systems in order to maintain a stable environment. We have the ability to detect and solve problems rapidly, and effectively implementing the proper corrective actions.

New technologies and benefits

The race for continuous improvement drives companies to adopt better practices in order to obtain both economic and productive benefits which will help them to stay relevant in the industry. Nowadays, strategies such digitalization, cloud migration, blockchain, DevOps, etc., are being eagerly adopted.

The challenge is to take advantage of the improvements and benefits of modernization, consolidating them along with technologies such as the Mainframe whose strengths have transcended the industry.

Ultranova provides the analysis and support capacity for the adoption, adaptation and deployment of these new technologies while keeping your critical business solutions and updating your technological environment.

Capacity Planning

A correct capacity planning guarantees the efficiency of your operations, the knowledge of the use of your resources, the capacity to react to resource saturation both in the short and long term, and the assertiveness to take decisions that drive growth in the face of the accelerated demand that IT systems require today.

These are some of the benefits that you can achieve with Ultranova’s support:

  • Know the use of resources during critical periods of attention.
  • Improve system productivity.
  • Reduce time and costs during decision making.
  • Anticipate and foresee saturation of current resources that may cause low service levels or an impact on productive environments.
  • Know the environment’s growing trends.