Content Services

ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius) drives digital transformation by capturing, storing, managing, analyzing and automating enterprise content in order to increases productivity and secure collaboration.

These services help in managing the entire information life cycle, from initiation, evolution and disposal, while exploiting the benefit of having the information and its contents in a secure and reliable way.

Data Intelligence

Con la globalización, la búsqueda de nuevos conocimientos, innovaciones, transacciones, la demanda del uso y explotación de los datos se ha incrementado de forma estratosférica, para mantener una ventaja competitiva en la globalización de los negocios, es necesario aprovechar en la confiabilidad de los datos y tener el poder de la toma de decisiones informadas y estratégicas, para ello es importante, el manejo inteligente de los datos, incluso si es necesario desde los metadatos.

Digital Automation

With globalization, the search for new knowledge, innovations, transactions, demand for the use and exploitation of data has increased dramatically. To maintain a competitive advantage in the globalization of business, it’s necessary to take advantage of the reliability of data and have the power to make informed and strategic decisions.

Optimize the development and performance your applications

ASG-TriTune enables performance analysis of mainframe applications. It isolates excessive processing sources more efficiently than traditional products, improves application performance and reduces CPU consumption. It also improves application response times, enabling proactive performance tuning that helps optimize application performance across all z/OS applications. These qualities help improve customer service and meet service level agreements (SLAs).


ASG-Zeke enables agile scheduling of automated processes, as well as dynamic distribution and monitoring of system process scheduling, automatic variable calculation and substitution, step-level condition code validation, workload balancing, forecasting and scheduling simulation.

When you add ASG’s cross-platform agents, scheduling extends to all major platforms in addition to z/OS including Windows, Linux, and others.

Performance and Capacity Management

  • ASG-TMON is a suite of mainframe performance monitors that enable you to optimize the health, availability and performance of your IBM Z mainframe operating systems, middleware, databases and network components.

    Monitoring the performance and capacity of each system in a hybrid technology environment helps ensure that business-critical environment flows operate with quality, speed and efficiency.

  • ASG-TMON PA for capacity and performance monitoring provide a deeper understanding of the status of your IBM Z mainframe, zCloud and other distributed and hybrid cloud systems and are highly supportive for accelerating time-to-troubleshooting in mission-critical environments.

  • ASG-TMON PA Scope provides a graphical view of alerts and historical data in near real time which is invaluable for obtaining an enterprise-wide view of technology processes that makes troubleshooting and de-escalation of crisis production environments more dynamic.

Workload Automation

Reduces the challenge of managing workloads in a multi-platform environment, reducing the complexity of process automation and reducing the incidence of human error.

Operation Management

Operation management requires agile tools to simplify daily operational tasks and provide better insight for operations decision makers and IT administrators in mainframe and distributed IT environments.

The tasks of effectively scheduling, managing and monitoring workloads in the IT operation require many resources, as well as multiple scheduling tools that involve little coordination and real-time knowledge of activities.


ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator is a DevOps value stream management platform that enables infrastructure and operations and DevOps teams to visualize, orchestrate and automate operational and development value streams, from the mainframe to the cloud, making it possible to optimize business process flows and improve resource efficiency and accelerate the delivery of innovation to final users and customers.

Audit & Analytics Services

Audit and analysis services help organizations improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, reduce occupational fraud and comply with regulations by automating business reconciliation and audit rules in accordance with policies.