Solution design

A critical phase for the success in a project or deployment is the design of the solution, especially the configuration to be installed, which requires not only knowledge but also extensive experience.

We focus on quality designs that not only operate optimally in today’s production, but are prepared for the future vision demanded by the quick technological evolution.

Years of experience and successful projects in Mexico and abroad back us up. 

Migration to new versions or functions of any z/OS product

One of our specialties is to support our customers in the challenge of renewing, upgrading, integrating new services or functions in a Mainframe environment.

Whether it’s a requirement for technological renovation, new business strategies or to be at the top of industry trends, we have the knowledge and experience to achieve the goals.

We can support our customers in z/OS environment migrations or any product that relies on this operating system for its functionality.


Linux on IBM z Environment is the collective term for the Linux operating system compiled to run on IBM mainframes, especially IBM z servers and IBM LinuxONE.

Main benefits.

  • Increase data privacy from LinuxONE to your enterprise by using encryption policy controls.
  • Use open servers designed for enterprise, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and AI.
  • Minimize the impact of internal and external attacks by isolating workloads to ensure continuous service.


The z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) is a z/OS product that provides support for use of current graphical technologies such as having a web browser-based management console for z/OS.

In Ultranova we have the experience to bring your company to this new, modern, up-to-date way of managing your z/OS environment.


Zowe is a new open-source software framework on z/OS that provides solutions that enable development and operations teams to securely manage, control, program and develop on Mainframe like any other cloud platform.

Zowe allows the delivery of a next-generation user experience on z/OS, aligning with today’s important distributed platform and cloud technologies working in a simple and intuitive environment.

In Ultranova we can advise you on how to enter this new technology trend and take advantage of its benefits.


Blockchain is a ledger of records that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets within an enterprise network. It provides immediate, shared and completely transparent data to which only authorized members have access.

Blockchain guarantees that you will receive accurate and timely data, with the security that your records are confidential and will be shared only with specific network members you authorized.

Contact Ultranova for advice on how to implement this new technology and take advantage of its benefits.


We work with specialists who know and manage projects in Databases for z/OS environments such as Db2, IDMS, environments that operate with these databases such as WebSphere MQ among other products.

We have successfully supported migrations of Db2 for top clients in Mexico.


The security of company resources has always been a great challenge. Customers are currently concerned about the risks of information fraud and malicious data alteration. The consequences of such attacks affect not only the companies themselves, but also clients, users, investors, etc.

If a company wants to be competitive and reduce risks either by intrusions from outside or within, it is important to have agile IT resources and platforms with a high level of security.

We can help you perform security audits, review your security policies and levels definitions to give recommendations and new strategies in this field.